Powdered Greens complex 2 Pack


Greens Complex – The Perfect Green Juice to Start the Day with!

A carefully selected blend of 15 premium greens extracts powdered to allow you a great start for the day!

Acts as a rich source of phytonutrients extracted from premium quality green vegetables and juices.

Does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Prominent Benefits:

  • Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals: Contains many essential micronutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K; minerals like potassium magnesium, iron, copper, and many important fibers!
  • Gets You Ready for the Day: Acting as a multivitamin and a rich source for electrolytes, Green Complex boosts the production of important enzymes and hormones to allow more energetic, driven, and focused days while promoting health blood sugar rates![1]
  • Boosts Brain Activity and Sharpens Your Mind: Contains electrolytes that plays an important part in neurotransmission and keeps your mind fueled throughout the day![2]
  • Promotes Healthy Immune Systems: With its rich composition of immunity stimulating vitamins such as vitamin C and D, helps protecting your body from sicknesses![3]
  • Improves Longevity: Contains various antioxidants to help reduce the risks of major health conditions such as diabetes,[4] heart disease,[5] and cancer.[6]

15 plant extracts and juices in powder form. An exclusive formula that provides the body with phytonutrients, which is an important part of a balanced diet. Contains various phytonutrients derived from natural extracts and juices. Helps to increase the variety of plant-based nutrients in the diet. Does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives

Ingredients: broccoli extract, spirulina powder, chicory root extract, carrot juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, acerola juice concentrate, blackcurrant juice concentrate, red beet juice concentrate, wheat germ extract, kale cabbage powder, coconut water, green tea extract, green tea extract sea buckthorn seed extract, rose hips extract.

Ingredients country of origin: Italy, Austria

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Amount: 250g

Bruto weight: 290g (0.64lb)

Usage: Mix one tablespoon (5 g) with water, milk, kefir, yogurt, juice or honey. Suitable for use in green cocktails, salads and sauces.


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